About us

Bouncer Sports provide top class cricket equipment and professional players to leagues in the UK and beyond.

Originally, We were one of the first Cricket agents in the UK in 1999 and to date have built up a vast contact list of friends at many, many clubs.

During this time, we represented, and continue to represent some of the biggest names in world cricket.  Bouncer Sports have provided hundreds of Players to League and County clubs.

Having this base of contacts, enabled us to branch out into the cricket equipment arena, after a gap of some 10 years.

The prime focus on our cricket equipment is based on a simple ethos, of quality products that compare with any brand on the market, coupled with competitive pricing.

Prior to going to market, several current Pakistan Test player’s, used the willow and soft goods during Test Matches against England and Sri Lanka.  Once the final adjustments were made, production commenced and the re-launch took place in 2013.

Many of our professionals use the equipment, and we have official ICC clearance, to be seen at the highest level!

With this in mind, we are confident that You will not be disappointed, in what we have to offer in terms of cricket equipment, clothing and protection.  This was enhanced by April 2016 edition of 'The Cricketer' magazines 'boutique brands' bat test - our Regal Bat was rated 'outstanding' - giving further evidence of how serious we take in bringing the best to the cricketer!

Our service and reputation in providing Professional cricketer’s is well entrenched, with a wide range of testimonials as evidence.  Bouncer Sports are equally confident, that our equipment and clothing will meet with your approval, so come and visit us for a cuppa, if nothing else, or contact to arrange a club visit, without obligation.

We look forward to being of service to you.